What Do You Do When Your Plumbing Has Bad Timing?

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There’s never a good time for a plumbing emergency, but some moments are worse than others. For instance, if a downtown Oklahoma restaurant has a full list of reservations on New Year’s Eve and the toilets clog. Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair in OKC for a customerOr parents are juggling three kids under five, and a kitchen pipe bursts at 2 am. These are some worst-case scenarios where timing is everything. That restaurant bathroom needs to be fully functioning before the New Year arrives. The kitchen pipe must be secured and replaced before it endangers the safety of little ones.

These can be frustrating problems for average citizens, but for our OKC emergency plumbers, they are welcome challenges! Our team is professionally trained for these moments. And our Oklahoma City emergency plumbing team is on call 24/7 to fix the problem quickly.

What should you do in a plumbing emergency? If you called our OKC emergency plumbers, we are on our way. But until our arrival, here are some key things anyone can do to ensure the damage is minimized and contained:

If you have an overflowing toilet: Turn off the water supply, don’t flush the toilet, and let the water level drop if possible. Clean and disinfect all the surfaces that were impacted. Keep the bathroom door closed to protect pets and children.

What to do if a water heater breaks: Locate the water supply pipe at the top of the water heater. Twist the valve clockwise to shut off the water supply and prevent further leakage. If the water heater is electric, turn off the circuit breaker for the hot water tank. Clean up around the water heater, then consider using a dehumidifier to help prevent mold growth.

How to prepare the property for a sewer line repair: Clear the area of any debris around the sewer line access point. That’s very helpful to us when we arrive! Also, notify your neighbors about the repair work so they are not surprised when we arrive.

After any emergency plumbing accident, review your home or property insurance. Depending on the damages and repairs, your insurance policy might reimburse you.

If the problem doesn’t require an OKC emergency plumber, we can still help. Sometimes, plumbing problems are relatively easy for an individual to manage alone. These situations can still take a little elbow grease and instruction. Here are a few of our Ben Franklin instructional videos:

Unclogging a sink drain (https://www.benfranklinokc.com/unclogging-sink-drain/) involves appropriately plunging the sink, removing the trap, and draining it via a cable auger.

Clear a toilet (https://www.benfranklinokc.com/unclogging-toilet/). Instructions include using a plunger, cranking an auger, and clearing a drainpipe.

How to repair a leaky faucet (https://www.benfranklinokc.com/repairing-faucets/): the video explains how to manage the valves, properly remove faucet pieces, and clean and repair the faucet valves.

Our videos are made with the understanding that the person in charge of the project already has some experience. We always advise people to know their limitations. And if they do struggle, they can contact our qualified and professional plumbing team to help!

The Best OKC Emergency Plumbers Help Your Business Bounce Back Fast

Property owners can feel the impact of a plumbing emergency in the OKC, but the effect on a local business can be even worse. The entire staff will be disenfranchised if a sewer line busts underneath a company office. As noted before, a local restaurant with stopped toilets will soon face the ire of customers who expect to dine and celebrate in comfort. We aim to be the best OKC emergency plumbers for commercial businesses. We’ll show up quickly and walk through the restaurant in a clean and professional uniform and bring a friendly, helpful attitude. A plumbing emergency in a business is typically more complex than one at a single-family home. First, there’s the disruption of normal business operations. A busted pipe or clogged toilets can lead to flooded workspaces or damaged equipment.

Most importantly, there is the health and safety of customers and staff to think of. It’s important to keep them out of harm’s way while waiting for an emergency plumber to arrive. The affected space should be barricaded from the public until it is back to normal. Finally, fixing the issue at a business can take longer due to specialized plumbing systems such as industrial-grade water heaters and complex sewage lines. It takes specific expertise and the right tools to fix the damage.

Preparedness is the best strategy. Business owners should schedule an expert plumbing team to visit before an emergency happens. Business owners can join the Ben Franklin Society, which offers a free inspection and review for OKC businesses. Our professional plumbing technicians will thoroughly inspect and review any faulty plumbing or small leaks before they become a severe emergency.

We aim to help your home or business avoid the worst time to call an OKC emergency plumber!

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