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  • Expert, licensed, master and journeyman plumbers on staff
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Looking for repair or replacement of a conventional gas or electric water heater? Energy Star rated water heaters are designed to save you money in operating costs vs conventional tank type heaters. For homes with electric water heaters, consider a hybrid/heat pump water heater to maximize energy savings. If you are ready to install or need repairs, consider Ben Franklin Plumbing Oklahoma City. We are known throughout the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, region as THE service to call for both water heater repair and water heater installations.


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About Water Heaters – Installation, Service, and Repair

Water heaters come in all sizes and shapes. All with the same purpose which is to provide you and your family hot water for bathing, doing dishes and laundry and cooking. Traditionally water heaters have always been big tank type heaters that store large amounts of water heated by either a gas burner or electric heating element. We can work on and replace tank type water heaters manufactured by American, Bradford White, AO Smith, and any and all other manufacturers. With the cost of energy continually rising, it might be time to consider a tankless water heater or a hybrid heat pump water heater.

Tips and Facts about Water HeatersWater Heater Repair and Water Heater Installation Oklahoma City

Tankless water heaters are quite a bit smaller than a conventional tank type heater. They usually hang on the wall and are about the size of a suitcase. If you currently have a tank type electric water heater, you might consider switching to a hybrid heat pump water heater. Energy Star rated means it will save you money in operating cost vs. a standard tank type heater. On average, a standard electric water heater costs approx. $520 per year to operate vs. $198 for a hybrid heat pump heater. That is approx. $3200 in savings over 10 years. That’s a lot of money. They are able to accomplish this by combining heat pump technology with electric heating elements. Whether you are in Oklahoma City or in a surrounding city such as Mustang, Del City, or Bethany, we’re the place to call in central Oklahoma for both water heater repairs or installations, so call us now for an estimate!

Updated: 7/17/2016

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