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Looking for repair or replacement of a sump pump or back-up sump pump? Pedestal or submersible plastic and cast iron conventional electric sump pumps and battery operated or water powered back-up sump pumps are all available at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Oklahoma City. We also carry water powered back-up sump pumps that will fit in a sealed radon gas sump pump basin.


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About Sump Pumps – Installation, Service, and Repair

Conventional electric sump pumps come in two styles, pedestal and submersible. We have worked on and replaced sump pumps manufactured by numerous manufacturers to include Zoeller, Wayne, Little Giant, Liberty, Ridgid, Utilltech, Basement Watchdog, Home Guard, Flotec, Basepump, Sumpjet and PHCC Pro Series. Since all sump pumps will fail eventually, you need a back-up sump pump to take over when the primary sump pump fails. We install both battery powered back-up and water powered back-up sump pumps. The advantage of the water powered back-up pump is they will run indefinitely whereas a battery powered will run only as long as the battery is charged.

Tips and Facts about Sump Pumps

Water-powered back-up sump pumps are extremely reliable and very powerful. With no battery to wear out or maintain, no charger to plug in or monitor, it is designed as an automatic, independent system from the primary sump pump that is solely powered by the city water supply instead of a battery. If you are wondering about the reliability of using city water as the power supply, when was the last time you can remember that the city water quit running from your faucet or shower. Most people can never remember a time when that has occurred. So instead of a flooded basement because of a sump pump failure or a power failure, install a water powered backup sump pump before it happens.


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