Ben Franklin Plumbing OKC Announces Strong Start to Emergency Plumbing Service in Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City, OK – June 27, 2024. Ben Franklin Plumbing OKC, Oklahoma City’s newest plumbing company is proud to announce key metrics to its emergency plumbing services. Newly launched, the 24/7 on call service helps property managers, residents, and business owners to leverage prompt ‘on-call’ support for clogged drains, busted pipes, and overflowing toilets.plumber in Oklahoma can fix Toilets on an emergency basis

“When you own a business and a pipe bursts, time is of the essence. Water damage and danger to customers and staff is real. It’s important to get an expert plumber there to fix the problem quickly,” said Jason Clark, Proprietor of Ben Franklin Plumbing OKC. “As we’ve launched the business, we are announcing key metrics supporting our basis as one of Oklahoma City’s best emergency plumber services.”

The community of Oklahoma City can review key metrics at the newly updated page at The professional ‘punctual plumber’ company is committed to quickly responding to plumbing emergencies in the OKC. A team of trained and licensed plumbers is prepared to respond to calls about plumbing accidents after regular work hours, including weekends and holidays. Restaurant owners and managers experiencing over-flooding toilets in customer restrooms can contact the company for a fast response. Property managers experiencing a busted pipe in a rental unit or complex can find swift help via the professional plumbing team.

The Ben Franklin plumbers are a staff of master journeymen skilled in various installation and repair projects, such as gas line service, tankless water heaters, and sump pumps. The company will provide homeowners with a full plumbing inspection and repair options to help prevent future water damage.
As announced, Ben Franklin offers a same-day, on-time guarantee for plumbing emergency calls in the OKC. All technicians are drug-tested, friendly, and professional. Previous announcements by the company for immediate 24/7 plumbing responses have been successful, including, the following URLs:

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#2 at


Here is the background on this release. Addressing property emergencies such as plumbing accidents may be considered part of the job for OKC business owners. Preparedness can be essential for quickly repairing a clogged drain in a restaurant kitchen or a broken pipe flooding a store floor. A prompt response from a professional journeyman could help fix the problem and control water damage. A reliable emergency plumbing service in OKC can show up fast and immediately address a plumbing disaster. Indeed, as the namesake Ben Franklin said, “Strict punctuality is a cheap virtue.” The meaning of this saying is timeless: by arriving on time and making that commitment, the plumbers of the company show value to their customers and save time (and money) for all involved.


Ben Franklin Plumbing OKC is a premier plumbing company serving the Oklahoma City area. The team of experienced, licensed, and drug-tested plumbers provides top-quality services for both residential and commercial clients. The plumbing company specializes in everything from toilet repairs to sewer line replacements, with a commitment to punctuality and professionalism. Visit the new website or call today for all plumbing needs.

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