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About Jason Clark2024-05-06T20:44:44-05:00

Jason ClarkMy name is Jason Clark. I live in Wichita, KS, where I am co-owner and general manager for Ben Franklin Plumbing Wichita. Amongst my job duties there (and also for Ben Franklin Plumbing Oklahoma City) is keeping up-to-date on local plumbing and home improvement issues, working with customers on tips and secrets to better plumbing and staying on top of trends for plumbers and customers.

For instance, many people are installing tankless water heaters in Oklahoma City to save on their energy bills. Even water quality, water treatment including water softeners, water filters and reverse osmosis are issues of importance in today’s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Other people are fretting about sewer line repairs which may or may not be the city’s responsibility. Clogged drains, garbage disposal repair and installation, even sump pumps can suddenly dominate your life (when they fail). A quality plumber can make a huge difference. So I follow everything plumbing and home improvement!

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